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We Teach, Train, & Transform young men in the ways of the lord.

Our Philosophy

What good is it to gain the world and lose your soul? There is a need to seek the Lord and his righteousness then have everything else added to us. We must begin to teach young men the importance of changing and mastering their mind, heart, and physical bodies. 


Meet The Founder

David Grimes

“Growing up in the inner city of Detroit, I lost my father at the age of five due to lung cancer. I can vividly remember him in particular instances in my childhood, and I have heard how great of a man, a man’s man, he was. Although I am thankful for the brief experiences and great stories of my father, my spirit longed for him and his direction and guidance. I soon came to realize that others in my life would fill the father role and ultimately the Heavenly Father was guiding and leading me all along. I believe he has led me to begin this initiative to help the fatherless and let them know that they do have a Father who has been and will be with them as they grow from sons to Loyal Sons.”

Core Principles


— Safety and Well-Being.

An important obligation of the program is to ensure the holistic well-being of its participants. Loyal Sons will provide a safe environment for learning and cultivating overall health.


— Holistic Development.

A Loyal Son will encompass intellectual development through formal learning, discussions, creative work, research, and critical thinking as well as intellectual, emotional, moral, and social growth through community engagements and interactions.


— Culture Curriculum & Self-Mastery.

Loyal Sons will provide a well thought out curriculum to enhance the mental and spiritual growth of its participants. Loyal Sons will incorporate the practices of creative arts to encourage forms of self-expression that encourage communication through various forms.


— Rules and Policies.

Loyal Sons will strive to uphold biblical principles of respect, integrity, truth, grace, mercy, humility, discipline, and love, which is the foundation of Christianity.


— Voice Critical Thought.

Creating a culture for participants to critically think and have a voice provides the opportunity to cultivate appreciation and trust as well as listening, and problem solving. The involvement of participants in Loyal Sons will enrich and enliven thoughts, discussion, and provide valuable teachable opportunities for those involved.


— Community Outreach & Mission Trips.

Loyal Sons will attempt to bridge the gap between participants’ immediate and extended communities through investing resources (human, financial, etc.) that increase communication, interactions, and mutual respect. Loyal Sons will offer travel experiences that provide participants connection to the broader world and an understanding of community impact outside of their familiar environment.


— Instructors & Administrators

Educators, instructors, and administrators share an obligation to educate and assist in the development of participants entrusted to them through relatability, transparency, and encouragement.


— Camaraderie & Competitive Excellence.

We will strive to further a brotherhood through a competitive yet supportive atmosphere that fosters leadership development, accountable partnerships, and healthy competition.


— (Inter)National Leadership & Congruent Affiliations.

Loyal Sons will maintain a national and international voice in support of the mission of Christ. In considering affiliations and alignments, Loyal Sons will assess partnerships based on shared core values and beliefs.

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