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Our mission

Loyal Sons is here to train sons minds, body, and soul by presenting new perspectives and instill hope, love, wisdom, creativity, courage, beauty, and excellence; these are the catalysts to the wholeness and unity on the journey to eternity.

Integrity & Truth

Loyal Sons commits itself to the principles of Christ. We strive to live by and teach participants our fundamental core principles.

Spiritual Support

Loyal Sons dedicates itself to providing all members with well-rounded spiritual development through fellowship

Community Engagement

Loyal Sons will provide resources for participants' immediate and extended communities.

"This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased."
Matthew 3:17


Fellowship  is about reading and discussing biblical teachings, but it is also about how to apply them to everyday life. Coach David Grimes’s leadership has motivated my journey towards becoming the man I was always born to be. Fellowship is about brotherhood, leadership, conversation, and application.

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Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Yaw

Fellowship has lifted up my spirit, motivated me to be a better person and Man of God.   Coach Grimes challenged us to “Chase the Heart of Christ, Don’t Chase Dreams. Chase Christ and your Dreams will follow.” These 2 sentences has changed my life. I am forever grateful to Coach Grimes and his wisdom.

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Alohi Gilman

It was a place where I could come and ask questions to gain true clarity on the Word of God. I called the people there my family away from home. It gave me a calm feeling and I learned much deeper understanding of the Bible. I am thankful for Coach Grimes for growing it to what it is today.

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Jalen Elliot

Fellowship ultimately became the thing that I became to love most about my Notre Dame experience. It was a setting that provided real conversation. Something that would save us all. It brought joy to my heart to be able to talk and connect with the guys about the Word, and then go out and share it with others. 

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Asmar Bilal

Fellowship for me was truly a life changing experience. Fellowship with Coach Grimes was a safe space to truly let our feelings be heard as well as apply our life to biblical tenements. Fellowship helped to grow my faith as well as realize how much I still had to learn. It truly helped my mental health and kept me spiritually fed.

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Troy Pride Jr.

Fellowship brought me closer to not only God, but also my teammates.    Fellowship meetings were not only a study of faith but also a plan of action for how to apply it in my life.  Each week I left inspired by the stories we read or something Coach Grimes said, or something that a teammate shared. 

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Christopher Finke

"Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according thy word."
Psalm 119:9

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